Our Departments


The department of Otorhinolaryngology, Speech Pathology and Audiology is one of the best equipped in the country. Backed by a dedicated team of Ear surgenos, Audiologists and Speech pathologists for cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitation, this department has some of the most modern machinery in this field.

It uses ultra-modern microscopes to perform micro ear and micro laryngeal surgeries. It conducts nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopies for diagnosis and video endoscopy for all kinds of endoscopic sinus surgeries including transnasal pituitary and performs surgery for CSF Rhinorrhoea.

For patients suffering from speech and hearing disorders, the department offers an Audiometer, Impedance Analyzer, BSERA with free field facility and hearing aid testing facility.

It also performs Oesophagoscopies and Bronchoscopies to deal with any kind of foreign body or lesions in the oesophagus and bronchus.



•  Audiometry

•  Tympanogram

•  Impedance Audiometry

•  Free Field Audiogram

•  Hearing Aid Analysis


•  Nasal Endoscopy

•  Direct Laryngoscopy

•  Bronchoscopy



•  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

•  Tympanoplasty

•  Stapedectomy

•  Septo-Rhinosplasty

•  Cochlear Implant Surgery

•  Surgery for Angiofibroma

•  Microlaryngeal Surgery

•  Facial Nerve Decompression

•  Endoscopy for foreign body

•  Oesophagus/Bronchus

•  Trans Nasal Pituitary Surgery

•  Surgery for CSF Rhinorrhoea