Our Departments


Heart Centre

One of the pioneering institute of Cardiac Care in this part of the country, Heart Centre is amongst the most technologically advanced institutes in heart care today. It covers the complete spectrum from invasive to non-invasive procedures. With a highly trained team of cardiologists, handling a large number of cases every year, modernised CCUs, Cardiac Catheterization laboratories using digitalised technology as well as state-of-the-art cineless recording systems heart centre is able to provide expert medical treatment to its patients. Goyal Heart center is the first center to have Flat panel cath lab in Jodhpur and the only center to have 2 cath labs.


Non Invasive Cardiology

A high-tech laboratory and non-invasive cardiology facility forms an integral part of this department. It offers technologically advanced cardiac procedures such as colour doppler-echocardiography, adult, paediatric and transesophageal, tissue doppler imaging, peripheral doppler - arterial venous - carotid artery - upper limb - abdominal (celiac, superior and inferior mesentric and renal arteries) - Iliac and lower limb arteries. Holter monitoring, ambulatory recording, treadmill testing, computerised ECG, stress dobutamine echocardiography and an event recorder for transtelephonic ECG recording.


Interventional Cardiology

Goyal Hospital, has two state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab for interventional techniques and provides non-surgical treatment of artery blockages with balloon angioplasties, stenting for coronary vessels and peripheral vessels, Balloon valvuloplasties (mitral, aortic and pulmonary) device closer for ASD, VSD, PDA, septal ablation for HOCM and Pacemaker - implantation. Today, with the successful completion of over 1000 invasive procedures, it ranks high above many other private hospitals in the state. Goyal Heart Center is the first center to have Flat panel cath lab in Jodhpur and the only center to have two cath labs.


Coronary Care Units

Equipped with the best monitoring systems, the CCU's at the Heart Centre provide expert care to patients, thanks to skilled team of cardiologists and a highly optimised nurse-to-patient ratio. Advanced monitors, connected to a central monitor at the nursing station are attached to the beds so as to constantly monitor individual patients. To facilitate patient care to a greater degree, IABP, dedicated ABG machine and electrolyte machines are also present.


•  Angiography (24 hrs.)

•  Angioplasty / Stents (24 hrs.)

•  Pacemaker Implantation

•  Balloon Valvuloplasty

•  Carotid & Renal Stenting

•  Paediatric Interventions

•  PDA, ASD, VSD Closures

•  Peripheral Vascular Intervention

•  Echocardiography

•  Transesophageal Echo

•  Treadmill Test

•  Dobutamine Stress Echo

•  Holter Monitoring

•  Lipid Clinic

•  Diet / Weight - loss Programme

•  Peripheral Vascular Clinic

•  Hypertension Clinic

•  Preventive Cardiology Clinic

•  Cardiac Arrhythmia Clinic

•  Pacemaker Clinic

•  Heart Failure Clinic