Our Departments

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

The first hospital in the city to perform open heart surgeries with a high success rate, Goyal Hospital has always been at the forefront of cardiac surgery. The team of surgeons perform complex procedures such as coronary artery bypass grafting, valve replacement and intra cardiac repairs as well as revolutionary CABG's on a beating heart. The hospital has also added one new cardiac surgery operation theatre, with state-of-the-art equipment to cater to the growing needs of patients.


Thoracic  Surgery

With world-class surgeons and ultra modern facilities, this department is geared to carry out the most advanced thoracic surgical procedures from lung cancer and oesophageal cancer to complications of lung TB and chest trauma.

The dedicated Thoracic Surgery department treats diseased and injured organs of the chest, specifically disorders of the lungs, oesophagus (food -pipe) and trachea (wind pipe). In addition, it specializes in comprehensive management of chest trauma.


Special Paediatric Unit

Children suffering from cardiac disorders require specialised care, which is why there is a specially equipped unit for children and infants to handle complicated paediatric and neo natal surgery cases.


Vascular Surgery

Goyal heart centre started a separate Vascular Division three years ago and  it has grown into a full fledged unit today. It is equipped to perform routine as well as emergency surgery. Thanks to a complete vascular lab, cath labs and other exclusive facilities provided by the hospital.


Some of the most common surgeries performed include Aortic surgery, Intra-inguinal bypass using vein or synthetic grafts, Femoro-distal bypasses using vein as in diabetics, upper limb bypasses and carotid endarterectomies. Surgical procedures for varicose veins, venous malformations and AV-fistula are also done regularly. It also handles cases of emergency such as occlusions of the arteries in fractures of the bones, stab wounds and gun-shot wounds. Some more procedures include emergency embolectomies of the upper limb and lower limb, angioplasty and stenting. Complicated cases like Endovascular AAA repair are also performed.



•  Beating Heart CABG

•  On Pump CABG

•  Total Arterial CABG

•  Minimally Invasive Surgery


Valvular Heart Surgery

•  Valve Replacement Surgery

•  Valve Repairs


Other Surgeries

•  Congenital Heart Surgery

•  Thoracic Surgery

•  Carotid Surgery & Peripheral

•  Vascular Surgery

•  Surgery for Cardiac Arrhythmia