Health Checkups


Perhaps one of the most commonly used, yet true phrase is , "Prevention is better than cure." With stress levels at work and at home having increased over the years there has been an alarming rise in life threatening diseases like heart ailments and strokes. That's precisely why there are specially designed packages, at Goyal Health Check Department to ensure you stay healthy. Comprehensive, yet affordable, these health tests check patients for everything from hypertension, diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, liver, kidney, lung and brain disorders to auto immune disorders. In fact, these various checks can predict what disease a person is prone to or already suffers from. Based on the results, consultants offer a specific treatment, which could be from any branch of Medical Science or something as simple as a change in lifestyle. Various preventive health check packages are available.



• Health Checkup

• Comprehensive Health Checkup

• Executive Health Checkup

• Executive Cardiac & Health Screening