Our Departments


The department of anaesthesiology provides anaesthesia service for most complex & diverse type of surgeries performed on many critically ill patients varying in age from pre-mature babies to centenarians. Goyal hospital has 5 large and extremely well equipped operation theaters(O.T.). Each OT has laminar air flow for air- conditioning with HEPA filters. Imported dual dome OT lights, low flow anaesthesia machines with built in ventilators, and multi parameter modular monitors make the OT's comparable to the best in the world.

This combined with separate pre- operative area, post operative recovery room and surgical ICU make it an excellent area for comprehensive care of patients undergoing any type of surgery - cardiac, neuro, renal transplant, joint replacement, to name a few. We also run a pain service which takes care of acute post surgery pain, pain free deliveries and intractable pain relief in cancer patients. The department also has a Pre-Anaesthetic Check up clinic.