Our Departments

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Gynaecology and Obstetrics is a highly sophisticated branch of medicine, which not only demands high technical expertise but also, great commitment and dedication. Complete with sophisticated systems and an experienced panel of doctors and staff, this department provides care to pregnant women including those at high risk with bad obstetric-history, heart disease, thyroid hypertension, or diabetes during pregnancy and delivery. High-risk pregnancies are monitored by a colour doppler to assess the well being of the foetus and blood flow studies of the baby. A labour room possessing modern instrumentation copes with normal or vacuum deliveries and high-risk third stage labour patients.

There is a special neonatal wing to provide intensive neonatal care to all newborn. In other words, the department provides complete expert care to the mother and the baby. In addition, it offers procedures like mammographic assessment of the breast to rule out breast malignancies as well as Pap-smear examination for detection of cervical cancer in women.

Furthermore, it conducts special clinics for cases of infertility, menopause, puberty, high risk pregnancies, along with general OPDs everyday. There is also a foetal heart rate monitor in all antenatal patients.

We also have Physiotherapy clinics for all antenatal, postnatal and post operative patients and diet clinics for diabetic as well as normal antenatal patients.






• Vaginal Swab for Vaginal infection

• Menstrual Blood for AFB Cultures

• Post-Coital Test

• Hysterosalpingography

• USG Monitoring of Infertility

• Sonosalpingography

• Diagnostic D&C

• Diagnostic Laparoscopy

• Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

• Diagnostic Pap-smear

• Tumour Markers for various Gynaecological malignancies

• Harmonal Assays



• Therapeutic Procedures for Infertility - Tubal Recanalisation - IVS

• Laparoscopic Assisted Surgeries

• Hysteroscopic Surgeries

• Therapeutic D&C

• Cervical Biopsy

• Cervical Cautery & Cryocauterization

• Different kinds of Abdominal and Vaginal Surgeries

• Surgeries for Ectopic Pregnancies Ovarian Cyst.

• Micro-wave Endometrial Ablation

• Surgery for Gynaecological malignancies

• Thermal Endometrial Ablation





• All Routine Investigations, Ultrasonographic Assessment of Foetal Well Being

• Non Stress Test



• Normal Deliveries

• Vaginal Instrumental Deliveries - Vacuum - Forceps

• Delivery of High-Risk pregnancies