Our Departments


A multi disciplinary team comprising of dedicated urologist make this department one of the best of its kind in the city. This super speciality department undertakes all kinds of open surgeries and minimally invasive, endoscopic urological work from the management of stone diseases, prostate ailments, reconstructive urology and uro-oncology to paediatric oncology and andrology. The department performs procedures such as PCNL and Ureteroscopies with the help of C-arm image intensifier, Lithoclast and Endoscopes. Transurethral resection of the prostate with minimal post operative trauma is one of the most commonly performed procedures. Modern facilities for uro-oncology patients include surgical management, and chemotherapy performed by a team of dedicated urologists along with the medical oncologists. In addition, this department also specialises in management of infertility and erectile sexual dysfunction.



•   TRUS

•   Digital Ultrasound

•   Penile Doppler Study

•   Uroflowmetry



•   TURP

•   PCNL

•   Uretero Renoscopy

•   Radical

•   Radical Cystectomy

•   Endopyelotomy

 •   Pyeloplasty

•   Internal Uretherotomy

•   Nephrectomy


•   Orchidopexy

•   Hypospadias repair

•   Reimplantation of ureter
•   Endoscopic Teflon
     Injection  Posterior

•   Urethral Valve

•   Ablation

•   Urethroplasty

•   Infertility Surgery