Our Departments

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Despite the fact that all surgical specialties  are well established in Goyal Hospital, the discipline of general surgery is a busy part of the hospital. The discipline deals with dieseases of the abdomen requiring surgical intervention, and minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery of the abdomen.

With one OT dedicated to laparoscopic procedures, up to 40 laparoscopic procedures are being done every month. The commonest amongst these is the removal of the gall bladder. However the department also carries out laparoscopic appendicectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair and several laparoscopic gynaecological procedures.

Gastro-Intestinal surgery or G I surgery is a rapidly developing area. The branch works in tandem with medical Gastro-Enterology & provides specialised services for complex Gastro-intestinal problems. The diagnostic aspect of Gastro-Intestinal problems is covered by the department of Gastro-enterology, whereas the department of surgery provides expertise in Gastro-Intestinal surgery for complex procedures like liver and pancreas resection and surgery for portal hypertension.



All Major and Minor G. I. Surgeries Liver and Biliary Tract Surgeries



•  Lap. Appendicectomy

•  Lap. Cholecystectomy

•  Lap. CBD Exploration

•  Lap. Antireflux Surgery for Hiatus Hernia

•  Lap. Adhesiolysis

•  Lap. lnguinal Hernia Repair

•  Lap. Incisional Hernia Repair

•  Lap. Diapharagmatic Hernia Repair

•  Lap. Rectopaxy for Rectal Prolapse

•  Lap. Vagotomy

•  Lap. Cardiomyotomy for Achalasia Cardia 

•  Diagnostic Laproscopy and Biopsy