About Hospital


Goyal Hospital and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1989 by Dr. Anand Goyal with a vision to provide many different facilities under one roof. Goyal Hospital is a unique example of a Multi Super Speciality Medical Institution of modern times. Goyal Hospital provides comprehensive care to patients from all over Western Rajasthan. The Hospital believes in the policy of ploughing back its earnings for further improvements of hospital services. Adhering to its promise, it is constantly upgrading its facilities. Following its core philosophy of valuing human life above all, Goyal Hospital continuously strives to provide newer standards of medicine with a human touch. It's no wonder then that today the name Goyal Hospital is synonymous with care. The right doctors make a great hospital, for they are the ones who set the direction, bring in the skills and expertise and ultimately heal the patients. Then there are the visionaries who take a hospital to the new medical frontiers - in terms and technology, procedures and therapy. At Goyal Hospital, there is a happy mix of both expertise and vision.